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Teaching, Instructing, Mentoring

I teach at the undergraduate and doctoral level in the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern. Information and links to the various programs and brief descriptions of the courses I developed and teach are included below. In addition to teaching and instruction, I mentor students at all levels. Please contact me if you are interested in more information.

Undergraduate in Communication Studies

Students at Northwestern can major in communication studies. In addition, the department offers undergraduate modules which are highly focused programs of study comprised of related coursework, co-curricular and pre-professional experiences which allow students to specialize in a particular are of study. Health Communication is a module offering

Courses I teach in the Undergraduate Program:

Health Communication in the era of Precision Medicine - COMM ST 339

An upper-level undergraduate elective course designed to introduce basic principles of health communication in the context of precision medicine. Next offering: Fall Quarter, 2023.

Introduction to Health Communication - COMM ST 246

A course designed to provide an introduction to the growing field of health communication in the age of scientific and digital advancement. The course covers traditional health communication areas with a focus on the most recent advances in healthcare and technology in mind. Next offering: TBD

PhD in Media, Technology and Society

There are two different doctoral programs of study housed in the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern. Each offers students an interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum to encourage students to design a program of study individualized to their passion. Students interested in applying to the PhD program to study Health Communication with me should apply to the Media, Technology, and Society program. When completing the application, please indicate your interest in health and identify faculty members you are interested in working with.  

Courses I teach in the PhD Program:

Health Communication Research - MTS 525

A systematic overview of principles and theories in health communication. Students will be required to engage with their own line of research and reflexively consider interplay between health communication and other disciplines, especially related to efforts to improve health outcomes for the general population. Next offering: Winter Quarter, 2025.

Risk Communication - MTS 525

Description coming soon! Next offering: Winter Quarter 2024.

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