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Getachew-Smith, H.B., Ross, A.A., Scherr, C.L., Dean, M., & Clements, M. (in press). Previving: How unaffected women with a BRCA1/2 mutation navigate previvor identity. Health Communication.

Kasting, M., Conley, C.C., Hoogland, A.I., Scherr, C.L., Kim, J., Rhapa, R., Reblin, M., Meade, C.D., Lee, M.C., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T., (in press). A randomized controlled intervention to promote readiness to genetic counseling for breast cancer survivors. Psycho- Oncology.


Scherr, C.L., Nam, K., Augusto, B., Kasting, M.L., Caldwell, M., Lee, M.C., Meade, C.D., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (in press). A framework for pilot testing health risk video narratives. Health Communication.


Ross, A.A., Scherr, C.L., Dean, M., Badal, H.J. & Clements, M. (in press). Juggling risk and womanhood: How imperatives of health and gender shape the experiences of women with a positive BRCA Mutation. BioSocieties.


Reblin, M., Kasting, M., Nam, K., Scherr, C.L., Kim, J., Thapa, R., Meade, C., Lee, C., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2019). Health beliefs associated with readiness for genetic counseling among high-risk breast cancer survivors. The Breast Journal, 25, 117-123.

Augusto, B., Lake, P., Scherr, C.L., Couch, F.J., Lindor, N.M., & Vadaparampil, S.T., (2018). From the laboratory to the clinic: Sharing BRCA VUS reclassification tools with practicing genetics professionals. Journal of Community Genetics, 9, 209-215.


Jensen, J.D., Ratcliff, C., Yale, R.N., Krakow, M., Scherr, C.L., & Yeo, S. (2018). Persuasive impact of loss and gain frames on intentions to exercise: A test of six moderators. Communication Monographs, 85, 245-262.

Scherr, C.L., Aufox, S., Ross, A.A., Ramesh, S., Wicklund, C.A., & Smith, M. (2018). What people want to know about their genes: A critical review of the literature on large-scale genome sequencing studies. Healthcare. 6.


Scherr, C.L., Feuston, J.L., Nixon, D.M., & Cohen, S.A. (2018). A two-stage approach to the development of SNAP: An iPhone application to support appointment scheduling and management for women with a BRCA mutation. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 27, 439-445.


Cohen, S.A., Scherr, C.L., & Nixon, D.M. (2018). Baseline data from an iPhone application to help women with a BRCA mutation manage their surveillance. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 27, 446-456. 

Scherr, C.L., Dean, M., Clayton, M.F., Hesse, B.W., Silk, K., Street Jr., R.L., & Krieger, J. (2017). A research agenda for communication scholars in the era of precision medicine. Journal of Health Communication, 22, 839 - 848.


Christy, K., Jensen, J.D., Britt, B., Scherr, C.L., Jones, C., & Brown, N. (2017). I want to talk to a real person: Theorizing avoidance in the acceptance and use of automated technologies. Health Systems.

Koruo, R., Dean, M., Scherr, C.L., Clements, M., Ross, A.A. (2017). Previvors’ perceptions of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer health information. American Journal of Undergraduate Research, 14, 95-104.


Kasting M.L., Scherr C.L., Ali K.N., Lake P., Malo T.L., Johns T., Roetzheim R.G., Quinn G.P., & Vadaparampil S.T. (2017). HPV vaccination training experience and preferences among family medicine residents and faculty. Family Medicine, 49, 714-722.


Dean, M., Scherr, C.L., Clements, M., Koruo, R., Martinez, J., & Ross, A.A (2017). “When information is not enough”: Examining BRCA-positive previvors’ information needs regarding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk. Patient Education and Counseling, 100, 805-811.


Scherr, C.L., Bomboka, L., Nelson, A., Pal, T. & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2017). Tracking the dissemination of a culturally targeted brochure to promote awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer among Black women. Patient Education and Counseling, 100, 805-11.


Jensen, J.D., Pokharel, M., Scherr, C.L., King, A., Brown, N., & Jones, C. (2017). Communicating uncertain science to the public: How amount and source of uncertainty impact fatalism, backlash, and overload. Risk Analysis, 37, 40-51.


Scherr, C.L., Jensen, J.D., & Christy, K. (2016). Dispositional pandemic worry and the Health Belief Model: Promoting vaccination during pandemic events. Journal of Public Health, 1-9.


Cragun, D., Scherr, C.L., Vadaparampil, S.T., & Pal, T. (2016). Evolution of hereditary breast cancer genetics services: Are changes in the field reflected in the knowledge and clinical practices of Florida providers? Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers 20, 569-578.


Scherr, C.L., Augusto, B., Ali, K., Malo, T., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2016). Provider-reported acceptance and use of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention messages and materials to support HPV vaccine recommendations for adolescent males. Vaccine, 34, 42229-34.


Scherr, C.L., Christie, J., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2016). Breast cancer survivors’ knowledge of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer following genetic counseling: An exploration of general and survivor-specific knowledge items. Public Health Genomics, 19, 1-10.

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