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Presentations and Publications

Upcoming Conference Presentations

Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, HCID lab members are taking a brief hiatus from conferences. We always welcome a zoom chat to discuss our current work or possible collaborations!

 Recent Journal Publications

Publications from the previous 5 years are listed below. For full list of publications, please see my CV.

Kalke, K.,* Levin, H.,* & Scherr, C.L. (In Press). The communication of uncertainty in health: A systematic literature review.


Scherr, C.L., Ramesh, S.,* Getachew-Smith, H.,* Kalke, K.,* Ramsey, K.,^ Fischhoff, B., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (In Press). How patients deal with an ambiguous medical test: Decision-making after genetic testing. Patient Education and Counseling,


Staras, S.A.S, Vadaparampil, S.T., Thompson, L.A., , Gurka, M.J., Flipp, S.L., & Shenkman, E.A. (2020). Postcard reminders for HPV vaccination mainly primed parents for providers’ recommendation. , (1011188).


Scherr, C.L., Getachew-Smith, H.B.,* Ross, A.A.,* Marshall-Fricker, C.G.,^ Shrestha, N., Brooks, K.,^ Fischhoff, B., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2020). A modern dilemma: How experts grapple with ambiguous genetic test results. Medical Decision Making, 40(5), 655-668.   


Scherr, C.L., Getachew-Smith, H.B.,* Sudec, L.J., Brooks, J.,* & Roberts, M.Y. (2020). Parents’ sensemaking processes in the identification of developmental delays and engagement with early intervention services. Social Science & Medicine, 255(112941).


Roy, S., Gwede, C.K., Malo, T.L., , Radlein, S., Meade, C.D., Vadaparampil, S.T., & Park, J.Y. (2020). Exploring prostate cancer patients’ interest and preferences for receiving genetic risk information about cancer aggressiveness. (3),


Getachew-Smith, H.B.,* Arguedas, A.A.R.,* , Dean, M., & Clements, M.* (2020). Previving: How unaffected women with a mutation navigate previvor identity. , (10), 1256-1265.

Scherr, C.L., Nam, K., Augusto, B., Kasting, M.L., Caldwell, M., Lee, M.C., Meade, C.D., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2020). A framework for pilot testing health risk video narratives. Health Communication, 35(7), 832-841.


Nooruddin, M., Friedman, P., Subrahmanyam, R., Banagan, J., Moreno, D., Sathyanarayanan, M., Nutescu, E., Jeyaram, T., Harris, M., Zhang, H., Rodriguez, A., Shaazuddin, M., Perera, M., Tuck, M., & ACCOuNT Investigators (2020). Why African Americans say “no:” A study of pharmacogenomic research participation. (Suppl 1), 159-166.


Arguedas, A.A.R.,* , Dean, M., Badal, H.J.* & Clements, M.* (2020). Intersections of health and gender imperatives: Stratified decision-making among women with a mutation. .

Ratcliff, C.L.,* Jensen, J.D., , Krakow, M., & Crossley, K. (2019). Loss/gain framing, dose, and reactance: A message experiment. (12)2640- 2652.


Scherr, C.L., Ramesh, S.,* Marshall-Fricker, C.,^ & Perera, M., (2019). A review of African Americans’ beliefs and attitudes about genomic studies: Opportunities for message design. Frontiers in Genetics, 10, 548.


Kasting, M.L., Conley, C.C., Hoogland, A.I., Kim, J., Thapa, R., Reblin, M., Meade, C.D., Lee, M.C., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T., (2019). A randomized controlled intervention to promote readiness to genetic counseling for breast cancer survivors. (5)980 - 988.

Reblin, M., Kasting, M.L., Nam, K., , Kim, J., Thapa, R., Meade, C.D., Lee, M.C., Pal, T., Quinn, G.P., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2019). Health beliefs associated with readiness for genetic counseling among high-risk breast cancer survivors. (1)117-123.


Christy, K., Jensen, J.D., Britt, B., , Jones, C., & Brown, N. (2019). I want to talk to a real person: Theorizing avoidance in the acceptance and use of automated technologies. ,(1), 31-43.


Scherr, C.L., Aufox, S., Ross, A.A.*, Ramesh, S.,* Wicklund, C.A., & Smith, M. (2018). What people want to know about their genes: A critical review of the literature on large-scale genome sequencing studies. Healthcare, 6(3). 96.


Augusto, B., Lake, P.,* , Couch, F.J., Lindor, N.M., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2018). From the laboratory to the clinic: Sharing VUS reclassification tools with practicing genetics professionals. (3)209-215.


Jensen, J.D., Ratcliff, C.,* Yale, R.N., Krakow, M., , & Yeo, S. (2018). Persuasive impact of loss and gain frames on intentions to exercise: A test of six moderators. (2)245-262


Scherr, C.L., Feuston, J.L.,* Nixon, D.M., & Cohen, S.A. (2018). A two-stage approach to the development of SNAP: An iPhone application to support appointment scheduling and management for women with a BRCA mutation. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 27(2), 439-445.


Cohen, S.A., , & Nixon, D.M. (2018). An iPhone application to promote surveillance among women with a mutation: Pre-intervention data. (2)446-456

Scherr, C.L., Dean, M., Clayton, M.F., Hesse, B.W., Silk, K., Street Jr., R.L., & Krieger, J. (2017). A research agenda for communication scholars in the precision medicine era. Journal of Health Communication, 22(10), 839-848.

Koruo, R.,^ Dean, M., , Clements, M.*, Ross, A.A.* (2017). Previvors’ perceptions of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer health information. (2)95-104

Kasting M.L., , Ali K.N., Lake P., Malo T.L., Johns T., Roetzheim R.G., Quinn G.P., & Vadaparampil S.T. (2017). Human Papillomavirus vaccination training experience among family medicine residents and faculty.

Dean, M., , Clements, M.,* Koruo, R.,^ Martinez, J.,^ & Ross, A.A* (2017). “When information is not enough”: Examining -positive previvors’ information needs regarding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk. (9)1738-1743

Scherr, C.L., Bomboka, L., Nelson, A., Pal, T., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2017). Tracking the dissemination of a culturally targeted brochure to promote awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer among Black women. Patient Education and Counseling, 100(5), 805-811.


Jensen, J.D., Pokharel, M.,* , King, A., Brown, N., & Jones, C. (2017). Communicating uncertain science to the public: How amount and source of uncertainty impact fatalism, backlash, and overload. (1)40-51.

Scherr, C.L., Jensen, J.D., & Christy, K. (2017). Dispositional pandemic worry and the Health Belief Model: Promoting vaccination during pandemic events. Journal of Public Health, 39(4), e242-e250.

Cragun, D., Vadaparampil, S.T., ., & Pal, T. (2017). Comment to "Can breast surgeons provide breast cancer genetic testing? An American Society of Breast Surgeons survey" by PD Beitsch, & PW Whitworth. (3), 588-589.


Cragun, D., , Vadaparampil, S.T., & Pal, T. (2016). Evolution of hereditary breast cancer genetics services: Are changes in the field reflected in the knowledge and clinical practices of Florida providers? (10)569-578.


Scherr, C.L., Augusto, B., Ali, K., Malo, T., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2016). Provider-reported acceptance and use of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention messages and materials to support HPV vaccine recommendations for adolescent males. Vaccine, 34(35), 4229-4234.


Scherr, C.L., Christie, J., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2016). Breast cancer survivors’ knowledge of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer following genetic counseling: An exploration of general and survivor-specific knowledge items. Public Health Genomics, 19(1), 1-10.

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